Zimbabwe Sells Elephants to China and Dubai for $2.7m

Money from the sales will be used to support conservation efforts. Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority says the agency was having difficulty controlling the population in its national parks, and that proceeds from the sales, made over a six-year period, will be used for the upkeep of its remaining elephants. “We are struggling with a ballooning number of elephants. We believe in sustainable utilization of our resources, and these elephants must pay for their upkeep,” Farawo told CNN. He said water levels were running low in rivers in its parks and officials have been using alternative water sources to feed the animals. The 98 elephants were airlifted to parks in China and Dubai and they were sold for prices ranging from $13,500 to $41, 500 each, the reports said. They were exported between 2012 and 2018, the Zimbabwe Chronicle reported.


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