YouTubers Emerge as Unofficial Spokespeople for Algeria’s Youth

A key catalyst of the protests has been the emergence of a new generation: tech-savvy, politically conscious and hungry for change. Growing up in a context of rising inequality and limited opportunities, and faced with a moribund official media ecosystem – long closed to any dissenting voices – millions of young Algerians have had to forge their own alternative spaces, principally on social media platforms. Leading the charge, a wave of YouTube pioneers, operating from their bedrooms and their neighbourhoods, have posted videos chronicling – with wit, irreverence and candour – the daily realities and tribulations of their lives and those of their fellow Algerians. Boasting high production values and delivered in a colloquial idiom, these videos stand in marked contrast to the stuffy, crude offerings of official media. Fittingly enough, and bringing things full circle, the protests have themselves elicited countless responses on YouTube and elsewhere, inspiring a new generation of artists and creators.SOURCE: AL JAZEERA

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