Women Mountaineers of Africa Reach for New Heights

South African business executive Saray Khumalo became the first black African woman to climb the world’s highest mountain, which stands at 8,848 meters tall in May. Now four other South Africans are training to become the first all-female African team to climb the world’s tallest peak. Deshun Deysel, Lisa Gering, Tumi Mphahlele and Alda Waddell are training on the sandstone cliffs of South Africa’s Drankensberg Mountains. They hope that next year, they can become the first team of African women to conquer Mount Everest. The women have different levels of experience in mountaineering. Each team member does her own intensive mental and physical training along with group sessions to prepare for the difficult climb. As South African women entrepreneurs, the team sees parallels with running a business in a male-dominated world and climbing the world’s tallest mountain. They want their attempt to scale Mount Everest to inspire more African women to reach for the top.SOURCE: VOA

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