What Nigeria Needs from Buhari’s Second Term

Muhammadu Buhari has been sworn in for a second term as Nigeria’s president as he vowed to tackle security threats and root out corruption. The 76-year-old leader was sworn in amid tight security in the Nigerian capital Abuja. He did not make a speech during the low-profile event attended by members of the diplomatic community. Nnamdi Obasi, Nigeria researcher at the International Crisis Group (ICG), told Al Jazeera that persisting tensions in the northeast region could escalate into more violence. Herders and farmers continue to fight  over land and water in Nigeria’s fertile central region, with the clashes between them claiming hundreds of lives and displacing thousands more. Oil sales account for the majority of the country‚Äôs foreign exchange reserves but communities in the oil-producing Niger Delta area have continued to complain of government neglect. The unemployment rate has more than doubled to 23 percent since Buhari assumed office in 2015, while Nigeria has 90 million people living in extreme poverty, more than than any other country, according to findings based on a projection by the World Poverty Clock and compiled by the Brookings Institution. Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and economic analysts say the next four years offer another opportunity to fix the problems.SOURCE: AL JAZEERA

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