Using Dance to Entice Africa’s New Crop of Farmers

She made a name for herself as the choreographer behind one of the most controversial yet critically acclaimed music videos of last year. Now Sherrie Silver, the creative force behind the dance moves in Childish Gambino’s This Is America, is using her success to drive a social media campaign promoting investment in young people in rural Africa. The 24-year-old, told the Guardian she is on a mission to “make farming cool”, recently visited Cameroon where she carried out dance workshops with farmers and entrepreneurs, before creating the music video Freedom. Silver travelled to the village of Ndjore in the district of Mbandjock, an area with high levels of poverty and youth unemployment. The choreographer, born in Rwanda but raised in London, shot the video as part of a campaign for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (Ifad). It features some of the 2,000 young people in Cameroon who have benefited from start-up grants from Ifad to launch their own businesses.SOURCE:  THE GUARDIAN

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