Uganda: More Refugees Flee to Uganda As Violence Flares Up in DR Congo

The inter-ethnic clashes in the northeastern areas of DR Congo are driving people across the border into Uganda at a rate of 311 a day, more than double the rate of refugee arrivals in May (145 per day). The UN Refugee Agency said that the country did not have resources to cater for around 7,500 Congolese refugees that had arrived in Uganda since the start of June, “placing strain on already badly overstretched facilities.” Nearly two thirds are children, below 18 years in age. “While screening facilities are in place at the collection points, transit centres and reception centres, health facilities are basic and need upgrading. Clinics are in need of more doctors and medicines,” said the official. “Already overcrowded and understaffed schools need significant support to meet the educational needs of the new arrivals.” Even though hundreds have been provided plots of land close to the Kyangwali refugee settlement, the pace of new arrivals is outpacing the available facility with needs outstripping what humanitarians are able to deliver.


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