Towing an Iceberg to Cape Town

Emirati businessman, Abdulla Alshehi, wants to tow an iceberg from Antarctica to the Arabian Gulf to supply the United Arab Emirates with drinkable water. However, he plans to trial a test case of the project’s viability by dragging a smaller iceberg with a tugboat to either Cape Town, or Perth in Australia. The iceberg could measure two kilometres by 500 metres, he said. Speaking to Euronews, Alshehi said that the preliminary test is expected to cost between $60-80 million with the entire project expected to cost the UAE between $100-150 million dollars. “It will be cheaper to bring in these icebergs and utilise them for freshwater rather than utilising the desalination water,” he said. “Because desalination plants require a huge amount of capital investments.”SOURCE: BUSINESSTECH

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