Top 5 Opportunities for Investment in Djibouti

Bordering the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea and situated between Eritrea and Somalia, Djibouti is the route to the sea for African countries such as South Sudan and Ethiopia. Ethiopian imports and exports account for more than 65% of the port activity at Djibouti’s container terminal. In the absence of a local Djiboutian consumer base, the foreign military presence provides a major portion of the consumer spending. The Somalis, known as big players in the trading and informal Djiboutian market, place their cash in real estate to avoid having money in banks. The country is also home to internationally renowned scuba diving places in the north. Unfounded and founded security concerns have kept the tourism sector from growing. At the same time, Djibouti’s touristic areas could use a heavy boost from investment in moderately priced, quality hotels as well as other touristic amenities. Salt production, logistics and education are also key sectors.


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