The State of the South African Nation

President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver his second State of the Nation Address to Parliament in 2019 and his third major statement of intent since the ouster of Jacob Zuma as head of state in February 2018. South Africa’s struggling economy, beset by poor policy, bad implementation and even worse prospects, remains the number one problem for Ramaphosa’s government. Ramaphosa was Nelson Mandela’s choice to succeed him as president because he believed Ramaphosa, perhaps more than anyone, understood the imperative of nationbuilding and reconciliation, two concepts increasingly being rejected and mocked by younger and frustrated South Africans. The ANC, in line with their guiding ideology of the National Democratic Revolution and the mechanics of cadre deployment, believes that the state is at the centre of power rather than the enabler of private growth and progress. Some in the party believe this must change, however, given the excesses in employment and disasters in service delivery over the last decade or more. How to deal with crime levels and corruption also remain a priority for the audience.SOURCE: NEWS 24

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