The First Black Woman to Visit Every Country is African

Jessica Nabongo, a UN employee turned travel blogger, set out to visit all 193 countries in the world in 2016, and on October 6 arrived the last on her list, Seychelles, according to a post on her Instagram page. She also clocked up a couple of what the UN calls “non-observer status” territories, taking her total to 195. Born in Detroit to Ugandan parents and holding two passports, Nabongo’s epic odyssey hasn’t just been about getting her name in a record book. She’s hoping to pave the way for women and people of color to do the same. And despite being a self-identified African, that didn’t mean everything was smooth sailing when Nabongo traveled around Africa. A few times, she watched in frustration as she was forced to wait behind white tourists or forced to pay bribes in order to cross borders that should have been open to her.To support her travel habits, she founded a company called Jet Black, which organizes custom itineraries for small group trips in Africa, plus sells travel gear like branded T-shirts and passport covers. 


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