The Africa-Inspired Furniture Designs of Jomo Tariku Are Just Gorgeous

Kenyan born and of Ethiopian descent, designer Jomo Tariku has introduced a line of furniture inspired by Africa to make you swoon. His beautiful wood pieces are handmade and inspired by the artisans of Sub-Saharan Africa. The two chairs in his collection are the result of his obsession with traditional three-legged stools. The Nyala chair came from a sketch developed after seeing the beautiful horns of the male mountain antelope, and the MeQuamya chair was inspired by the T-shaped prayer staffs used in Ethiopian Orthodox church ceremonies. Tariku says when he started in 2008,  the standard definition of African furniture was either European furniture upholstered with colorful batik fabrics, or hand-crafted pieces, or recycled or upcycled furniture, masks, and so on. That did not align with his approach to designing modern African furniture. 


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