Tanzania Wants to Boost Visitors by Putting a Cable Car on Mount Kilimanjaro

Around 50,000 tourists climb Africa’s tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro annually. A cable car could increase tourist numbers by 50 percent by providing access to the mountain for those unable to climb it. The country is conducting feasibility studies on possible routes at the moment as well as environmental impact assessments will be carried out. Authorities say the length of the route has not been finalised, with various options under consideration depending on cost and engineering issues. The move has been criticised by guide groups who take tourists up the mountain saying they oppose the project because they fear cable cars will reduce the number of climbers. Loishiye Mollel, head of Tanzania Porters’ Organization, said visitors normally spend a week climbing the mountain. “One visitor from the U.S. can have a maximum of 15 people behind him, of which 13 are porters, a cook and a guide. All these jobs will be affected by a cable car,” he said. “We are of the view that the mountain should be left as it is.”


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