Take a Trip to Nigeria’s Port City

Port Harcourt is the capital and largest city of the Rivers State in Nigeria, and lies along the Bonny River.  According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Port Harcourt is one of Nigeria’s driving industrial centres known for their manufacturing of aluminium products, glass bottles and paper. Just an hour flight from Lagos, the city was built in 1912 and named after the Secretary of State for the Colonies Lewis Vernon Harcourt.  Travellers to this part of the country will find lots to occupy their time. Among the places to add to your bucket list includes the Rivers State Cultural Centrer, Isaac Boro Garden Park, Port Harcourt Tourist Beach and Mile One Market. There are plenty for places for foodies, too. Try their roasted bole and fish – one of the city’s delicacies  – or their famous pepper soup served with a yam. SOURCE: IOL TRAVEL

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