South Africans Rally Behind a Man’s Act of Random Kindness

A petrol attendant in Cape Town has warmed the hearts of South Africans after he helped a motorist who had left her wallet home. And has now received money to help his children. Nkosikho Mbele gave $6,80 out of his own pocket to top up the tank of Monet van Deventer whom he feared would be left stranded on a notorious stretch of highway if she ran out of petrol. He asked her to return the money when she was in the area and did not ask for her contact details. Ms Deventer was moved by Mr Mbele’s kindness and started a crowdfunding campaign for Mr Mbele. The campaign has raised over $27,500 in just two days. The money will not be transferred to Mr Mbele’s personal bank account, for fear of crime, but rather will be administered by BackaBuddy, a not-for-profit company, at his request. The money will then be used to help pay for the education of Mr Mbele’s children.SOURCE: NEWS 24

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