Somali Refugee Switches Up Your Image of a UK Politician

Magid Magid made quite an impression as he arrived for his first day at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Wearing a baseball cap and a T-shirt bearing an anti-fascist slogan, the newly elected MEP said he was asked to leave the building. While the European Parliament said no member of staff was involved, Mr Magid – one of six MEPs for Yorkshire and the Humber – said the incident “says a lot about what people think the stereotypical politician is meant to look like”. And it’s hard to argue he doesn’t have a point – of the new European Parliament’s 751 members, less than a dozen are black. From his eye-catching style – Dr Martens and baseball caps coupled with the 18-carat gold chain of office – to his back story – the Somali refugee who came to the UK aged five – he was nothing like the stereotypical image of a Lord Mayor. During his 12 months in office he hit the headlines time and again, most notably for “banning” US President Donald Trump from Sheffield. Born in Burao, in northern Somalia, Mr Magid and his family left the war-torn country in 1994 in search of “a better life”. After six months in a refugee camp in Ethiopia, the family – his mother and five older siblings – settled in Burngreave in Sheffield.SOURCE: BBC

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