Satellite Images of How African Cities have Grown

The head of the new cities lab at McGill University has documented more than 100 cities that have sprung up across Asia and Africa since the early 2000s for her forthcoming Atlas of New Cities. There’s Eko Atlantic, a “new Dubai” taking shape on reclaimed land off the coast of Nigeria, and Forest City, a “new Singapore” being built just over the Johor Strait from the original. There’s the New Silk Road city of Khorgos rising from the barren steppe that separates Kazakhstan and China, the “sustainable city” of Neom in Saudi Arabia, the Norman Foster-designed Masdar in Abu Dhabi, a few in Latin America … and even a Robotic New City in Malaysia. The city of New Cairo – in the desert 20 miles to the east of its namesake – was conceived in the late 1990s and established by presidential decree in 2000. Not to be confused with the as-yet-unnamed new administrative capital proposed by president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi in 2014 (another 20 miles east and dubbed the “new New Cairo”), the original New Cairo was meant to attract a population of 5 million. A few hundred-thousand currently call it home.SOURCE: THE GUARDIAN

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