Rwanda’s Rhino Population Grows, Tourists Expected to Increase

Rhino keepers who successfully delivered five endangered black rhinos to Rwanda spent months hugging and coddling them inside their transport boxes to prepare them for the journey, a rhino handler told Reuters as the animals were freed on Monday. There are only about 1,000 black rhinos left in the wild, Jes Gruner, the Akagera National Park manager said. The new arrivals mean Rwanda is home to 25 of them. Tourism is a key foreign exchange earner in the East African nation, home to mountain gorillas and the so-called “Big Five” African game animals – lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalo, and leopard. “Every year our tourism numbers are going up and bringing these rhinos I am sure will help,” said Gruner. “The park received 44,000 visitors who generated over $2 million last year.”SOURCE: MSN

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