‘Most Complex Health Crisis in History’: Congo Struggles to Contain Ebola

Political, security and cultural complications – not least a refusal to believe that Ebola exists – have thwarted efforts to overcome DRC’s deadly outbreak. Refusal to believe in the existence of Ebola is one difficulty for doctors who say the current outbreak of the deadly virus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the “most complex public health emergency in history” and warn it could drag on for months. The outbreak, with more than 2,100 cases and more than 1,412 confirmed deaths in just over a year, is the second largest in history, despite recent availability of an effective experimental vaccine. Centred on three locations in North Kivu – Beni, Mangina and Butembo – the response led by the World Health Organization and DRC’s ministry of health faces political security and cultural complexities.SOURCE: THE GUARDIAN

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