London Streets Hostile for African Migrant Communities

Hundreds of British teenagers are being sent by their parents to East Africa to avoid knife crime in the UK. Of the 100 people stabbed to death in the UK so far this year, 8% were of Somali heritage, according to the Rise Projects which works with young British Somalis in north London. Jamal Hassan mentors young men in London, many from Somali families. He explains parents “want to protect that child by all means necessary”. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all travel to Somalia, including Somaliland, and highlights a heightened threat of terrorism and kidnappings, across Kenya. But Amina sent her 15-year-old son to Somaliland, when she was worried about the new friends with whom he was mixing. In his year there, she says he became a studious child again. He had even wanted to stay in East Africa. But within 17 days of being brought back to the UK in November 2018, he was stabbed four times. The new mayor for Islington, Rakhia Ismail – a mother of four who came to London from Somalia as a refugee – believes that some areas of the city are unsafe for young people.SOURCE: BBC

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