Light Bulb Moments as Egyptians Bypass Blackouts

Egypt has been working to diversify its sources of electricity, building wind, solar and nuclear plants, in addition to boosting traditional oil and gas-fired energy production in a bid to end chronic power shortages. The push comes after the country experienced crippling blackouts during the summer of 2014. As temperature soared, so did the tempers of Egyptians. The year before, anger over power cuts had fueled demonstrations that led to the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood government and the ouster of the late President Mohamed Morsi. Today, as in years past, many Egyptians blame corruption for the decrepit state of Egypt’s power grid and many welcome the government’s efforts to modernize it.With rates continuing to rise, Egyptian families often reduce costs by limiting lighting to one bulb for an entire room. A rigged electricity meter in a Cairo apartment building is a usual sight as residents sometimes resort to stealing to save money on electric bills. 


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