Kordae Henry Imagines an Alternative African History and Future

In a debut short film, Kordae Henry uses science fiction, sound, dance and Afrofuturism to alter the historical and future narrative of the black experience. “I believe that vision is the only idea until we can begin to build futures that involve the mythic, black and the underrepresented in its horizons… I use this as a way to talk about bigger ideas of alienation, the spirits, automation, artificial intelligence, to really allow us to see black bodies in future spaces,” he says. These two things form the basis of his debut short film, Earth Mother, Sky Father: 2030. The film looks at the unethical exploitation of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s mineral resources through the creation of a utopian future where colonialism, slavery and corruption do not exist. In this, the Congolese people of Henry’s fictitious world have chosen to protect their wealth from deep within the ground. The story unfolds further through his use of visuals, sound and dance. This film is a segue into the future work Henry wants to do. Combining science fiction, afro-futurism and the future of black cinema, he hopes to explore and fill historical gaps through film.


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