Kenyans Agitated by NYT’s Bureau Chief Post

New York Times international editor Michael Slackman has owned up to approving a job advert for an Nairobi Bureau Chief that was full of cliched descriptions of the continent. It talked about reporting from “the deserts of Sudan and the pirate seas of the Horn of Africa, down through the forests of Congo and the shores of Tanzania”. The advert attracted criticism and mockery.The job ad triggered hundreds of tweets, comments and even hilarious but poignant skits. One of the most popular, and to which NYT’s international editor eventually responded, was a spoken word skit by three poets: Anne Moraa, Aleya Kassam, and Laura Ekumbo. In a Twitter thread, Mr Slackman said the advert was the result of taking a short cut, where he just approved the text of a job description from 18 months ago. Addressing the criticism that the advert reflected the New York Times’ view of the continent, the paper’s international editor said it was “committed to covering Africa, not as if it were some stereotype, but because it matters”.SOURCE:  THE AFRICA REPORT

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