It’s the Second Time this Month that Dogon Villages have Come Under Attack

The attackers behind the latest attack to have hit central Mali identified victims one by one before executing then, survivors have said. At least 38 people were killed in the villages where survivors and officials say Fulani gunmen arrived by motorbike before attacking villagers in “revenge” for suspicions that they had collaborated with the Malian army. The raids followed a massacre of dozens of people earlier this month in another Dogon village, Sobane Da. That attack came months after suspected Dogon militiamen in late March killed more than 150 Fulani in two villages in central Mali, one of the worst acts of bloodshed in the country’s recent history. Local officials said the situation has calmed down, but residents were shocked how the gunmen were able to arrive en masse by motorbike even after the government imposed a ban on the vehicles as a way to tighten security. SOURCE: AL JAZEERA

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