Is Africa Cybercrime-Savvy?

In more developed economies there’s been an increase in attacks from ‘hacktivists’ who use the dark arts of cyber to embarrass, advocate or protest. According to cyber analytics firm Kaspersky Lab, there are 13,842 cyber attacks daily in South Africa. That equates to more than 570 attacks every hour. Bank fraud, particularly the use of malware on mobile phones, has also increased dramatically, says the South African Banking Risk Information Centre. They compete by offering so-called offensive tools, explains Neil Walsh, head of cybersecurity and fraud at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. These are computer networks and mobile phones that are turned into listening devices. It opens opportunities to meddle in elections, steal data or seek ransom funds from targets that may include governments, utility providers, the military, manufacturing and commercial players. African leaders cannot bury their heads in the sand and paint this as a developed country problem. Cyber awareness must become part of every aspect of life from doing business to alleviating poverty and providing security.SOURCE: INSTITUTE FOR SECURITY STUDIES

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