IOM Helps Ethiopian Migrants Return Home

Hundreds of Ethiopian migrants have returned home from Yemen as part of a UN repatriation programme. The International Organization for Migration (IOM)  says through fourflights over three days, IOM supported 137 men, 11 women and 28 children in returning home. Some 20 people with medical needs were among the group, for whom IOM provides escorts to ensure their safe travel. IOM says thousands more are waiting to leave and are being held in a football stadium in the port city of Aden. Around 12,000 people take the dangerous sea journey from the Horn of Africa to Yemen every month despite its poverty. These are the first return movements to take place from Sana’a since mid-March 2019. In fact, IOM was only able to resume air movements from Yemen in November 2018; having had to suspend them just after the conflict broke out in 2015. During that time, IOM used boats to return vulnerable Ethiopian migrants to Ethiopia, via Djibouti. In Yemen, IOM provides the returning migrants with pre-departure assistance, including medical, mental health and psychosocial care. On arrival in Ethiopia, the returnees undergo health screenings and then are housed in IOM’s transit centre in Addis Ababa. From there, IOM supports them in reaching their final destinations. For unaccompanied and separated migrant children, IOM provides family tracing assistance, helping them to reunite with their primary caregivers. SOURCE: AL JAZEERA | IOM

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