How Youth Mentorship Can Help Shape South Africa

In 2010, youth in South Africa, people aged 15-34, constituted 37% of the population, numbering 19.1 million individuals. Young people in today’s world grapple with socio-economic challenges which will ultimately impact on their ability to access opportunities in their future. They are also vulnerable in the labour market, with high levels of youth unemployment. Peer mentors are friends, advisers, role models, coaches or companions who can fill existing gaps in support and help teenagers to navigate stress, peer pressure and other negative influences in their lives. Through mentorship programmes, such as the SAB 18+ Be The Mentor programme, which aims to promote harm reduction, reduce underage drinking and contribute to broader change in communities, youth gain self-confidence and improve in attitude and behaviour. The SAB 18+ Be The Mentor mentorship programme works via its digital mentorship programme and a network of SAB’s Smart Drinking Squad (SDS) who give guidance to peer mentors on how to avoid the negative effects of alcohol abuse and underage drinking. They also provide support in other aspects of their lives.SOURCE: AFRICA.COM

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