How this Sudanese Baller Changed the Game

Asma Elbadawi, who was born in Sudan and raised in the UK, is a basketball player and coach. Throughout her career she has battled stereotypes and in 2014, she helped campaign to overturn a ban on hijabs in professional basketball. As the winner of this year’s British Muslim Awards, Hijab-clad basketball player Asma Elbadawi has become a role model for many Muslim women in Britain and elsewhere. Asma who won the award for Rising Star in Sports said, “We campaigned to FIFA to allow Muslim women to wear the hijab in professional basketball, which was a global campaign over two years, and we won in the end…. I try to play it (basketball) now, it’s a big hard with work, but I still try to play when I can.” In addition to being a first class athlete, Asma is also a successful spoken word poet, she also won BBC Radio 1Xtra’s ‘Words First’ 2015 Competition.SOURCE: BBC

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