How These African Refugees See Themselves

To mark World Refugee Day, Save the Children invited children living in settlements in Jordan, Bangladesh and Uganda to draw their hopes and memories on a portrait of themselves. Alizia, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, living in Kyaka refugee settlement, Uganda says ‘I don’t want to go back to the DRC because the rebels used to beat my parents, and I lost my father. I wish we could settle in one place instead of having to move around, so that I can study. I want to become a doctor or a nurse’. Mamadou, 14, from DRC, living in Kyaka settlement : ‘I have been in Uganda for three years. In my future, first I need to be educated so I can be a teacher. And after that, because here I learned football, I can combine that activity to play and be a teacher when there are holidays’. SOURCE: THE GUARDIAN

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