How South Africans Got Richard Branson to Change his Status

Richard Branson apologized after tweeting out a photo full of white people to announce the grand opening of his new Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa. The lack of diversity in Branson’s photo made some Twitter users question the sincerity of his stated mission to empower entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa. South Africa is a country of 55.4 million people, of which 81% are black. “The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship is for all South Africans, but yesterday’s choice of a photo to go with my tweet clearly lacked diversity. Apologies,” Branson tweeted along with a photo of him standing with two people of color and five other white people. The new South African center is one of several initiatives aimed at addressing global causes, including ocean protection, access to clean energy, and climate change, in addition to entrepreneurship.


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