How Many Landmines are there in Angola?

Photographer Antonio Olmos visited the village of Cabio in Benguela Province to document the work of the women of the Halo Trust who are clearing the anti-personnel mines left over from the Angolan civil war. Last January, the Halo Trust, the British landmine charity, set up camp in the village, bringing with it a small army of its own in the form of 18 Angolan women mine clearers. Having since removed 197 mines and 50 items of unexploded ordnance from the area, it hopes to complete the job next month – at which point the land will be returned to the villagers. The mine clearers, who live on site for 24 days at a time, are part of 100 Women, a project that aims to empower those involved, as well as to clear mines. So far, 78 have been recruited.


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