Gambia’s Jammeh ‘Handpicked’ Women for Rape, Abuse

Rights groups accuse former longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh of committing a string of sexual offences while in office.  Jammeh’s administration was notorious for its brutality and corruption, but this is the first time that sexual abuse of women was extensively and publicly documented. “Yahya Jammeh treated Gambian women like his personal property,” said Reed Brody, HRW’s legal counsel. The investigation was based on evidence from four women, eight former Gambian officials, and several other witnesses, the rights groups said.  Jammeh had “protocol girls” who were required to be on call to provide him with sex. The findings also allege as an inducement, Jammeh would lavish gifts on them, provide support for their impoverished families, or offer a scholarship to study abroad. “These admirable women broke the culture of silence. It is now crucial that the TRRC and the government give them a path to redress and justice,” said Marion Volkmann-Brandau, who led the research.SOURCE: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH

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