Entrepreneur Thione Niang’s Mission To Do Good And Change Lives

As a child, Thione Niang used to listen to his mother cry at night, and promised himself he would change her life. Creating that change meant escaping his childhood, spent growing up with 28 siblings in a polygamist family in Senegal. Twenty-five years later, and after moving to the United States with $20 in his back pocket and no grasp of the English language, Niang was appointed an Ambassador of Energy by then-United States President Barack Obama. While Obama’s presidency has ended, Niang is continuing to work to change lives, not just for his mother, but for people right across Africa, by teaming up with international music superstar Akon on sustainable energy enterprise Akon Lighting Africa. As well as Akon Lighting Africa, Niang, who spoke to students at Bond University’s Transformer hub recently, travels the world speaking on social entrepreneurship, has his own government relations and public relations firm, and has published several books.SOURCE:  AFRICA.COM

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