Educating Batswana about Modern Farming Practices

Amanda Aminah Masire’s firm, Greenhouse Technologies is plugging the gap between farmers and government with a company that provided everything from consultancy to cucumber seed. Between 2013 and 2018, Greenhouse Technologies’ “horticulture in a box” solution helped 430 Botswanans to become farmers. In the process, she’s reduced the country’s reliance on imported fruits and vegetables to the tune of 2,100 acres of productive land. Masire owes her success to wrapping up a sizable chunk of the horticulture value chain. Masire is determined to stay several steps ahead of the competition, she outlines plans to incorporate beekeeping, integrated livestock farming, the internet of things, fish farming, steel-bending and pollination by drone into her business offerings. And she plans to expand the model to other African countries.


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