Delivering Health Services to Women and Children in Rural Kenya just got Savvy

In a bid to improve services for nomadic women, Dahabo Adi Galgallo, an epidemiologist at Moyale Sub-County Hospital started a project to give 50 solar-powered bracelets with Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers to expectant mothers. As pastoralists move in search of water and grazing for their livestock, tracking and caring for mothers in the field seems the best solution to prevent maternal deaths. When the itinerant healthcare trial began in February last year, 168 expectant mothers were enrolled at 10 sites, mostly in pastoral communities selected by local leaders. The health team informs a community volunteer or village head when a doctor, nurse and nutritionist will visit, bringing medicines. Being waterproof, small and culturally designed with bright orange beads made it acceptable for them to wear, she added. In 2017, Galgallo won a $100,000 Grand Challenges Africa grant from the African Academy of Sciences, in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to put her concept into practice.


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