Compassion Project Labelled Superiority Cloaked as Altruism

An immersive experience intended to show UK citizens “the sights, sounds and smells of a developing country” has come in for criticism, with one politician labelling the charity initiative a “poverty safari”. The exhibits are experienced through an iPhone and headphones. Child actors narrate the stories as you walk through small rooms depicting their homes, classrooms and even a hospital clinic. The stories end with short videos showing present-day Shamim and Sameson, talking about how the charity changed their lives. A text then appears on the iPhone screen: “Please find your Shamim/Sameson right now.” Upon leaving the final room in the exhibit, you enter a small room full of catalogues of poor children looking for a sponsor. It had the feel of a makeshift museum gift shop. Instead of buying coffee-table books and overpriced T-shirts, you could spend time flicking through the profiles of children in Africa, South America and Asia. Each child has had a rough life and a tragic story to tell.SOURCE: BBC

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