Celebrating Africa’s Conservationist Activists

Jenerik Lekilelei, a Samburu warrior from Kenya, has been shortlisted for the Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa in the category which highlights pioneering individuals who are coming up as leading conservationists. Lekilelei has been recognized for his work with a non-governmental organisation, Ewaso Lions, where he is the director of Community Conservation. Lekilelei mentors a new generation of conservationists and leads a programme, dubbed Warrior Watch, which converts young men who once killed lions into ambassadors for the species. Lekilelei‚Äôs Samburu tribe is a pastoralist community in northern Kenya where young men traditionally hunt lions to prove their bravery. Having grown up as a livestock herder, Lekilelei admits that lions were constantly viewed as an enemy. However, his perspective changed upon joining the NGO allowing him to appreciate the value of the species, whose numbers have been in decline in years. He also realised that humans hold the key to the survival of the big cats.SOURCE: CGTN AFRICA

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