How China’s Africa Alliance is Shifting World Order

When the United Nations General Assembly met in 2007 to vote on North Korea’s human rights record, only 10 of the 56 African countries voted with the U.S.-led western coalition. The overwhelming majority followed China – either by voting against or abstaining from the resolution. This has not always been the case. Just three decades […]

Africa’s Megacities A Magnet For Investors

Megacities, cities with a population of at least 10 million, are sprouting everywhere in Africa. Cairo in Egypt, Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Lagos in Nigeria are already megacities, while Luanda in Angola, Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and Johannesburg in South Africa will attain the status by 2030, according […]

Young South Africans Want To Farm

Persistent unemployment has become synonymous with the youth experience across South Africa. Youth unemployment rates are almost four times higher than the regional average – 62% of South Africans between 15 and 35 years are unemployed and of these 60% have never been employed. Add to this the fact that even those who have jobs are earning below what is considered to […]

Kenya Vs. Tanzania – What Is The Best Place To Go On Safari

Kenya Vs. Tanzania – What is the Best Place to Go on Safari? A safari adventure. Everyone has some idea of what it might involve — plush tented camp set in a remote wilderness, vast rolling grasslands, lush valleys, towering mountain peaks, sprawling lakes, and of course, an assortment of wild animals roaming diverse terrains. […]

How A Pilot Project In Kenya Helps Refugees Go To University

Across the world, armed conflict, instability, drought and famine are driving more people from their homes for longer periods of time. On average, displacement lasts almost 20 years. This means that displaced children and youth are likely to experience most, if not all, of their education outside their countries of origin. Kenya, for instance, hosts one of the largest […]

Ghana Hopes To Benefit From Hosting Africa’s Free Trade Area Secretariat

Ghana has been chosen by the African Union (AU) to host the secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Area. It beat other competing countries including Egypt, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar and Senegal to win the bid. As a free trade area, member countries have come together and agreed not to impose tariffs, quotas and other trade […]

CNN’s Inside Africa Investigates The Conservation Of Zambia’s Black Rhinos

This week on Inside Africa, CNN International visits North Luangwa National Park, the heart of Zambia’s black rhino conservation effort. There were once around 12,000 black rhinos in Zambia but the population was wiped out, with rhinos being declared extinct in the country in 1998. Since 2003, conservationists have been working hard to reintroduce the […]

Financial Emigration Demystified: South Africans Need The Full Picture

Financial emigration is often misunderstood, and with the jump in the number of South Africans applying to move themselves and their wealth offshore, it’s time to unpack the big questions before you dust off your suitcases. International trust and structuring company, Sovereign Trust (SA) Limited, looks at why investing in an off-shore retirement plan can […]

Lesser Known Safari Parks In Africa

With scenic landscapes, amazing culture, delightful cuisines, and an abundance of wildlife, Africa is a destination that will surely amaze and inspire any visitor. The more popular safari destinations like the Serengeti in Tanzania, Masai Mara in Kenya, and the Kruger Park in South Africa continue to enjoy an influx of visitors from all over the world […]