Cameroon’s Forest Tribes Use Insects to Supplement Diet

The palm weevil grub, a fat worm found in palm trees, is such a popular source of protein that it has squirmed from the forest into the villages and even urban restaurants.These larvae are extremely rich in essential food nutrients; they contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats and energy values comparable to those of beef and fish. They are also an excellent source of a range of minerals and vitamins. The exploitation and trade of weevil grubs is an important source of income for forest dependent communities in the Congo Basin. Grub farming system has proved to be more productive and sustainable than both the traditional collection and the semi-farming methods. This farming system could be used to produce grubs at any time of the year, thereby providing an opportunity for year-round availability of these nutritious insects, while securing their place as an important alternative to protein and a valuable income source in Cameroon.SOURCE: VOA

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