Cairo at the Centre of an Organ Trafficking Ring

An Al Jazeera investigation has revealed that an Egyptian hospital and officials at the Yemeni embassy in Cairo were involved in a large-scale organ-trafficking ring from 2014 that included hundreds of patients and brokers from Yemen and Egypt. Through interviews and documents obtained by Al Jazeera, the investigation exposes officials who have been giving out false papers for personal gain in order to facilitate the organ trafficking. The organ-trafficking ring preyed on poor Yemenis willing to travel to Egypt and sell a kidneyfor $5,000 in a desperate bid to gain income that would keep them going, at least for a while. At the time, Yemen was not yet home to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and the destructive war that has left 80 percent of its population in need of humanitarian assistance. But it was already the poorest country in the Middle East with half the population living below the poverty line.


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