Beautifying the Ethiopian Capital

A fundraising effort aimed at beautifying the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, has raked in over $25 million dollars from a section of the project supporters. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office disclosed on that the latest amount of funds had been raised from local and international support including from the Italian government which contributed 5,000,000 Euros. Two United Nations outfits gave a million dollars each whiles the African Development Bank, AfDB, gave 600,000 dollars. The largest tranche of over 17 million dollars were deposits at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. The development project will run along the two biggest rivers in Addis Ababa – stretching 23.8kms and 27.5kms respectively – all the way from the mountains of Entoto through to Akaki River. The funds paid towards the ‘Beautifying Sherger Project,’ will culminate in a dinner event ‘Dine for Sherger,’ slated for later this week. A seat at the event is valued at 5 million birr. Among others, donors get a plaque with their names along the project route and a photo opportunity with the PM.


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