Back to the Drawing Board in Khartoum

Sudan’s protest leaders have agreed to hold direct talks with the country’s ruling generals after African Union and Ethiopian mediators called on the two sides to resume stalled negotiations to form a new governing body. Negotiations between the two sides collapsed in May over the make-up of the governing body and who should lead it — a civilian or a soldier. Tensions further soared after a brutal crackdown on a longstanding protest camp in Khartoum killed dozens of demonstrators exactly a month ago. The ruling military council that seized power after the army’s ouster of Bashir has still not responded to the plea for talks by the mediators. Protest leaders have been supported by Western nations in their call for civilian rule, while the generals appear to have backing of Arab allies like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, experts say. The mass protest had been seen as a test for the protest leaders’ ability to mobilise the crowds after the generals imposed a widespread internet blackout and deployed security forces in the capital’s key squares and districts, its twin city Omdurman and other towns and villages.SOURCE: VOA

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