Aviation History As 20 South African Teens Tackle Cape To Cairo

An epic adventure, an aviation challenge, youth inspiration, promoting and supporting innovation, technology and entrepreneurship are all the key drivers combined for Africa’s development and transformation as twenty South African teenagers embark on a Cape – Cairo and back excursion in a self-assembled Sling-4 aircraft that uses ordinary motor fuel  and was built in three weeks! The excursion, earmarked to start in June 2019, will see different teams of the twenty teenagers pilot and charter a course that will cut across several African cities and towns spreading the key messages of an African narrative that started as a dream. Using specially modified, self-made drones, the Challenge will be documented on video as some of the teenagers fly alongside adult supervisors who will use a second Sling-4 aircraft for support to monitor proceedings. Six teenage pilots will take turns to fly the self-assembled plane as the Challenge moves from country to country.SOURCE: AFRICA.COM

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