Africa’s Blue Economy is Set for a Tech Tsunami

From the Caribbean to the South African coast, marine  archaeologist Matthew Arnett’s work involves recovering treasures from the deep – and preserving them for posterity. PO8 is a marine archaeology startup that uses blockchain technology to recover sunken artifacts from the ocean floor. Using the blockchain model, through PO8, ownership of the recovered treasures and artifacts is with non-fungible tokens, which are asset-backed tokens. The growing historical tourism market in the Caribbean generates revenue without selling any of the recovered artifacts, leading to social and economic impact that he says can be duplicated in Africa, “Because of the success in the Caribbean, it only makes sense to come back to Africa to put the same model in place. There are millions and billions of dollars in the ocean. We are going to find other things that relate back to Africa, so we might also be able to find some missing links from an anthropology stand point.” 


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