Africa’s Biggest Soccer Fiesta Reminds Us How Difficult it is for Africans to Travel in Africa

Millions of African soccer fans dream of being at the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) to support their national teams, but not everyone can afford to do so. As it turns out, even those who can afford it are constrained by the infamous difficulties Africans face when they travel within the continent as Nigerian soccer fans and journalists are finding out with visa applications to travel to Egypt, host nation of AFCON. In fairness, governments across Africa are attempting to ease travel restrictions across the continent, agreeing to both a Continental Free Trade Agreement and a Single Air Transport Market over the past 18 months. Countries like Kenya, Senegal, Ethiopia and Namibia have also relaxed their visa rules for Africans but, regardless, achieving full Africa-wide integration remains a work in progress as a majority of Africans still require visas to travel across most of the continent.SOURCE: QUARTZ AFRICA

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