Interviews Grey Jabesi on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain In Africa

Grey Jabesi is a 24-year-old African entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, cryptocurrency evangelist, analyst and investor. He an autodidact who maintains the company of some of the best minds in business and tech, he takes a practical approach to knowledge and experience building, always with a focus on developing the best possible solutions. Recently, Jabesi was inducted as new Director of Marketing for The Blockchain Association of Africa and is based in Cape Town. He spoke to and when asked about the role of crypto currencies and block chain in Africa, he said: “The current state of the world is status and permission based. There are always hierarchies who call shots and your fate can easily be determined by them. A good example of this is “sanctions”, someone has the power to kick you out of the economic arena. Africans are already victims to this, the majority are unbanked or do not have the resources to be identified as “people” in the current economic system. The peer to peer nature of cryptocurrencies empowers everyone including Africans to participate in the economic activity without needing a central authority, for example, banks. This does not only allow them to do business at a local level, but at a global level as well. One can create a product or service and sell it to the entire world, online and get paid instantly and frictionless.”


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