Afcon 2019: Meet the ‘Animals’ Competing for the Africa Cup of Nations

The Africa Cup of Nations is under way in Egypt, with 24 countries – all with different monikers – clashing on the field over the next three weeks. Nicknames mean a lot in African football – not only do they give identity to the fans, they also help motivate players. Team nicknames, alongside colourful fans and drums, are part of the very essence of the competition. Over the next three weeks, the eagle is possibly going to feature most prominently in Egypt. From the lion to the snake, leopards to elephants, all of them will be at this year’s tournament, including. Respecting rulers is a strong tradition in Africa – and so it is no surprise to find teams named after them. Football fans across Africa will be keenly awaiting the end of the competition on 19 July to know whether the eagles have soared, the lions have roared or the pharaohs have reigned supreme once more.SOURCE: BBC

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