Addis Ababa Joins Growing List of African Cities Banning Motorcycles

Explaining the ban, which took effect on 7 July, Addis mayor Takele Uma said it was designed to curb crime. Takele said the Ethiopian city had found that an unusually high number of violent crimes were committed using motorcycles. The ban does not affect “those conducting licensed businesses with motorcycles and those who use motorcycles as postal carriers and motorcycles used by diplomatic missions”. For commuters in Addis Ababa, the ban adds to the transportation problems the capital already suffers. Africa’s second-most populous country is also one of the least motorised countries in the world – the number of cars in the country of 100 million people is estimated at fewer than 1m, most of them in the capital. The country only produces 8,000 commercial and private vehicles a year, which does not satisfy demand. Known as boda boda in East Africa, okada in Nigeria and taxi-motos in francophone Africa, informal motorcycle taxis have taken up the slack from strained or non-existent public transport systems as urban populations grow. A nifty solution for Africans on the move, they represent a new headache for city administrators.SOURCE: THE AFRICA REPORT

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