A Documentary about Extreme Hoarding in Egypt

Old cameras, forgotten travel bags, a broken mixer, a favourite phone having “karakib”, or clutter in Egypt, is a national habit. It is found on rooftops and balconies, in family homes and on noisy streets. In some homes, owners keep expensive mementos of days gone by or objects to remember a deceased relative. In others, clutter helps save money, as old furniture is reupholstered and broken machines are fixed. Director, Nehal Elkoussi, went on a fascinating journey to understand the phenomenon of keeping clutter in Egypt. Karakib is an interesting journey into the most private places in Egyptian homes, which hold things that contain priceless memories. Interviews of Hussein Kadry, a journalist from the upper-middle class who lives between Cairo and London unearthed dozens of old cameras, old phones and more than 20 suitcases. His clutter is expensive and valuable. Afaf, a housewife from the middle class, has a different type of clutter. The cameras caught old utensils, old cups and old bottles, and she is always trying to make this old and cheap clutter useful in her everyday life. Before shooting the documentary characters were selected from different age groups, in order to monitor the diversity of “clutter” from different times.


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